Thank you Messages & Notes for Birthday Wishes Received

It is very gratifying to receive lot of messages on social media from your beloved friends and family on your birthday wishing & telling you that how special you are and telling you many good things about yourself. Thus, one knows and realizes the ones who really care about them and how they take efforts to make their birthday happier and cheerful. For those kind wishes and cheerful messages, one must definitely thank all of them from whom they received them and show their gratitude towards them by letting them know that they will be marked forever in their memory and in the hearts. Putting a thought over it we came up with the idea of many beautiful messages created by our team that can be taken by you to thanks your well-wishers.
We have made a good big list of the birthday thank you messages, phrases and notes for you to show your gratitude to all those who have given their precious time to wish you a happy birthday on social media like facebook, twitter or whatsapp. These are the people that you should value and always be close by. Completing another year and milestone of life is a lot more special when loved ones take their time to wish us personally. Our humble hearts are filled with love and affection that we receive. So, you have many options to choose from among our many thank you replies words and messages to be sent to friends and family. Show how happy you were receiving their tributes!

Thank You Messages & Note for Birthday Wishes

  • I want to thank you a lot for your beautiful and long-lasting friendship and for remembering my birthday! Thanks a lot!
  • Friendship is not measured by money, status or looks, but by its intensity! Thank you for your great friendship and for remembering my birthday! Thank you very much!
  • It is so good to grow old together with amazing people like you. Thank you for keeping in touch with me all this while and filling me with your love! Thanks a lot!
thank you for birthday wishes
  • The love & affection of everyone on my birthday was beautiful and unforgettable. Thank you all for remembering me! Love you all!
  • Today I want to thank all my friends, because they are the only ones who make my life worth living and have time and again made my birthday as special as it can get! Thanks a lot pals!
  • Thank you all so much! Each message was in itself a birthday present for me. I can only thank and wish you all the happiness in the world!
  • I thank each and every one who remembered me on my birthday, took their time out to wish me. I wish everything you guys wish be fulfilled!
  • I want to thank everyone who voluntarily spent some time in their busy day to wish me a happy birthday. I am very happy, because I have such wonderful people around me. Thanks guys!
  • Thank you for the beautiful messages you sent me. I know that every word was overflowing with real love and sincere feelings! Thanks a lot!
  • I thank you all for making my birthday the most special day ever in my life! And I reciprocate every wish twice. Thanks each one of you!
  • I could feel all your affection in each messages I received on my birthday. I thank everyone who made this day happier than I would ever imagine!
  • You are so wonderful. I am so grateful for the love, affection, attention and time you all dedicated me on my birthday. Thanks all!
  • I will never forget how marvellous & remarkable my birthday was. I thank each of you!
  • My birthday has passed, but what has remained back is the affection all of you have given me. Thank you so much for all the memories!
  • There is nothing more beautiful and better than having so much of love and care shower on you on this very special day. Love you so much! Thank you!
  • On this very special day of mine, I would like to say how happy I am to have received all these messages. These all have made my day!
  • I want to live long and many more years to have the privilege to continue living with such wonderful people that you are. A big hug and thanks for all the affection!
  • I want to thank each one who remembered and wished on my birthday. It was a very special and pleasant day!
birthday thank you
  • It is extremely important for me here to know that you all are here for me anytime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with me, for taking care of me and for remembering that birthdate. Thanks a lot!
  • Thanks for all the wishes guys! It’s so great to know that I can always count on you people who are so special and loving to me even in your busiest schedules!
  • So many loved and dear ones have appeared in my life on this very day to wish me all the love that I can get in this world. Know that you are the guys who have made me and my life better every day!
  • It was, is and will be you, my dear friends, who have been making my birthday more colourful every time it comes. So, I want to thank the little moments that you took to wish me. A big kiss and thanks to all of you!
  • You people are all wonderful! I thank you all for the love, affection, time and thought you all dedicated to me in my special day! Thanks a lot guys, love you all!
  • My birthday was so incredible this time and all these because of the beautiful messages that you people left me with. I am very grateful and thankful to have you all around. Thank you all!
  • Celebrating a birthday is so much wonderful, because I have so many beautiful and special people around me to celebrate life with. Thank you from my heart’s depth, friends!
  • Thank you for your love & affection. My birthday was very special this time around and you are the sole reason for all the happiness. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the amazing messages you left me with. Love having you all my life and everything we’ve been through together. Thank you and lots of love!
  • Thank you very much for so much caring and happy birthday wishes. I’m very happy to share the day with amazing people like you. Made my day!
  • Thank you for the birthday wishes and all those moments that we spent together! Those will always be memorable.
  • Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes! This itself proves that I am always surrounded by lots of special and wonderful people around me in times of happiness and sorrow! Thanks to all!
  • I thank each and every one who wishes me on my birthday. I felt very special, honoured and loved. Thanks dear people, I love you!
thanks for birthday wishes
  • Having to celebrate a birthday was itself special for me, but you all managed to make that day the happiest of all. Thank you, my love to all!
  • I thank everyone who took a few minutes of their busy day to wish me good things on my birthday, you are all wonderful and made my day wonderful too!
  • Completing another year of life with many amazing people like you was so wonderful. You are the best of all! Thanks a lot! Lots of love!
  • The greatest gift I have ever received on my birthday is the love and affection each one of you have given me and this has given me good energy to look forward in life. Thank you everyone, love you all!